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Bringing different points of view to City Hall is critical in creating the kind of services the City of Monmouth offers. Please speak up!


I grew up in Salem, but have worked in the Monmouth area for almost 20 years and lived here for 10. I raised my daughter in our schools. I have been a part of some special projects around both cities and have given time, talent and treasure to make our community a better place for all of us.

I’m not going away – this isn’t a step to higher office for me. I have strong relationships with citizens and businesses and will work with our partners to deepen our collaboration, respect our differences, honor our history and move everyone forward together.


I have served the City in both appointed and elected positions. My time on Council gave me a valuable perspective on how local government operates. It also gives me the best chance to know where we can make changes to impact community vitality, citizen engagement, and true economic development. I have a reputation for challenging the status quo – there’s always a better way to do things. It also helps to truly understand public sector finance and operations – which is what I do for a living. I am excited to use my knowledge and experience to improve Monmouth’s future.


I love that our City is home to multi-generational families. It makes for a rich history of inter-connected stories about the places and events that people cherish through the years. I am proud to have also worked traveling Oregon and making connections with other rural community leaders – sharing great ideas and resources. My volunteer time has been devoted to youth, community vitality, business development and strengthening local non-profits.

Past Positions

Member,  Monmouth Economic Development Commission: 2008-2010

Councilor, Monmouth City Council (appointed/elected): 2010-2014

Council Liaison – Senior Center Advisory Board, Monmouth Public Library Board

Director of Finance & Operations, Central School District: 2012 to present

Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Western Oregon University: 2014 to present

Giving Back

Volunteer, Central School District: 1980 to 2008

Operations Manager, West Coast Bank: 2001 to 2010

Regional Coordinator, Rural Development Initiatives: 2010 to 2012

Treasurer, Monmouth- Independence Community Foundation: 2001 to present

Board Member, Monmouth Chamber of Commerce: 2013 to present

Trainer, Ford Institute Leadership Program: 2006 to 2014

Creating a new story for Monmouth – A hidden gem of small town charm with world class opportunity.

I want to leverage our community’s assets – natural, educational, cultural, economic, and human – to maintain Monmouth as a vital rural community while positioning ourselves for the future.  I will lead efforts to focus on:



Volunteer groups have long been the key to Monmouth’s beauty and livability. But, there’s always room for more participation on City Boards and Commissions, as well as helping out with special activities and events. We need to hear more voices and develop more accessible ways for people to give feedback to their government about issues they care about.


The City has a competitive advantage over other communities with our educated workforce, high speed fiber and own electric utility. We need to advertise those to create economic opportunity for students, residents, current businesses and entrepreneurs who find our town a great place to live and grow. Understanding what Monmouth is, and how to position it for the future, is our first step. We need to involve partners and investors who understand the potential of our community to help us create a vital, sustainable economy that benefits all.


Our community, our school district and our university all have reputations as ‘hidden gems’ and ‘best kept secrets.’ We can be a stronger force for good by teaming more visibly with local organizations, our sister City, Independence, with Polk County and the region to shine a light on all the great things in Monmouth.


Having a diverse population by many measures gives Monmouth the chance to build a culture of trust and acceptance along with social and personal responsibility. Social capital is the network of interpersonal relationships and sense of shared purpose that create common good. Fostering neighborhood connections and solutions builds that capital.

I want to hear your voice on these – and other issues – and earn your vote in the November election.

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